Ok, the headquarters naming convention is getting overused a bit. (Any suggestions?) But this is the center for the organization of DYC. This is were people can come to learn more about DYC or help improve the organization. One person termed it "our DYC wiki on steroids." Hey, I'll take it!

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  • Library/Resources. The more people we gather, the more outside resources we'll come across. We might as well keep this information in an easy way for others to access. We might even want to create a library of all the white papers that are published from our Cause Think Tanks.
  • Gadgets Collection. The center for collaborators to post and pull gadgets to customize their Personal Headquarters or Cause Headquarters.
  • Donation/Volunteer Center. While we hope a lot of DYC will be self-sufficient, we'll never discourage contributions that can help us achieve our cause!
  • Suggestion Box. Nuff said!
  • About DYC. For those who are interested in learning more about DYC, we're always happy to share our thoughts. They can come here to learn about Our History, Our Cause, Our Founding Principles, etc.
  • Press Center. Hey, if we're going to dream big, let's do it! We want a place to keep (and develop) our marketing materials. Just imagine: press releases, conference calls with collaborators, brochures and leaflets for distribution...
  • Help Desk. From giving advice on editing a wiki to helping people troubleshoot website issues, here's the help desk!

Related Information on the DYC Wiki Edit

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