2 BrainstormProposal 1: DefineEdit

The test can be a 3 stage process to help people decide first what type of factors are more important to them and secondly what the believe in each of these categories. This is based on the tagging concept discussed in Proposal 2 of the EncyclopediaQ1 entry.

Step 1 – Priorities: Rank order which is most important:
  • Finding a particular category
  • Meeting a particular need (tier 1, tier 2, etc.)
  • Helping a specific group of people (Children, Teenagers, Women, Elderly, Minorities)
  • Helping a certain geographical area
  • Sharing a specific skill set
  • Meeting a specific time commitment/availability
  • Finding financially transparent organizations
  • Making immediate, visual impacts (e.g., mosquito nets preventing malaria)
Step 2 – Details: Within each ‘priority’, have people fine-tune their ideas by selecting the groups, categories, or skills they’re interested in. People should be able to filter out areas they’re not interested in or identify causes they would prefer to mirror.
Step 3 – Results: The test would filter through causes with tags that meet these specifications, giving higher relevancy to the high priority rankings from Step 1.

3. RefineProposal 1: RefineEdit

There are a few questions people ask when they want to make a difference. We need to figure out how to help people find access to these questions:

  • They know their cause, they just want to find the right organization - long term: "How can I help stop child abuse?" or short term: "How can I help the victims of Hurricane Ike?"
  • They have resources, and are looking for a way to help. "I own a construction firm, and we could spare some people to fix homes from Hurricane Ike, but how do I go about it?"
  • They know their skills, but they don't know their cause. "I'm a nurse. What can I do with that to make a difference?"
  • They need a service project, but they don't know what to do. "I'm in search of an eagle scout project. Any ideas?"
  • They just don't know their cause. "There are so many problems out there. How do I choose where to put my time and energy to make a difference?"
  • They have money, but no time, and want to still make a difference. "What organization would benefit most from my donation?"
  • They're an organization with a cause, but they have a specific need. "We're fixing up the community park and need someone to donate/pour concrete. Can you help me find someone?"
-- Al mackay 22:36, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

More Thoughts:

  • We could also have recommendations. Have you seen how internet radios - and now iTunes - recommends new songs based on your selections? I guess Amazon does this, too. Kind of a "If you're interested in this, you may also want to check out these causes."
  • Do you think anything like the Myerr's Briggs (sp?) tests would help people profile themselves and figure out a cause. I'm always amazed at the insight from those results. If they can figure out the way I work, is there a way to match that to what I should be passionate about?
  • We should also leverage the What Color is Your Parachute? (never read it) and other career guidance literature
-- Al mackay 23:24, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

4. FinalizeFinalizationEdit

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