We aren't lawyers, but maybe you are. We've started here a list of potential legal concerns. Let us know your thoughts about how to resolve them. Or if you're not a lawyer, but think of a legal concern, add it to the list.

We need to protect our users from online predators, especially as part what we want to do is to not just connect people online, but offline as well. We need to come up with a set of guidelines for how to stay safe. We need to be wary of scam artists, too. A big driver in all of these types of work is the fundraising part. People who are passionate about their causes will want to put their money where their mouth is. How to make sure it doesn't backfire?

Legal Issues
This may be getting the cart ahead of the horse, but we'll need to get some legal consultation at some point. For example, if someone wanted to have a terrorist based 'cause', I'd guess we'd have quite a bit of liability on our hands. That being said, how do we filter the causes that just can't be posted (versus those that we may not support, but we will tolerate)? We really, REALLY don't want anything supporting the KKK or the Nazi movements, just to name a few.

Content Ratings
Part of the sad, yet motivating aspects of awareness is seeing how bad things can be. There are a lot of issues out there that are pretty heavy, but those stories are probably among those that need to be shared the most. But we also want the 5th grade social studies class to be able to go online and find a group project. Is there a way to filter the content so it can be kid friendly? Even when it's not kid friendly, how do you draw the line in what should be published?

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