What does a founder mean to you? Edit

We don't want you to get hung up about putting your name down as a founder. You don't have to do anything big to get your name here. (But hey, since we're so small, we could vote for an MVP list. Better do it while we can rig the vote! Tell you what; I'll vote for you if you'll vote for me!) To us, being a founder is just a way to show our support and fellowship. So step on up. Don't be shy!

Three steps to becoming a founder:Edit

Step 1: Create an account. After you have created your account, always be sure to sign in before contributing so we know who is coming up with great ideas.

Step 2: Add your name to the list below.

Step 3: Start contributing at the DYC Headquarters.

Our FoundersEdit

Amber Mackay - London, England
Chris Crittenden - Dallas, Texas, USA
Kristen Hill - Los Angeles, California, USA
Peter Cho - Los Angeles, California, USA
Taylor Searle - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Brea Didenhover - Provo, Utah, USA
Liz Castaneda - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Andrea Dance - Austin, Texas, USA
Andrea Berg - Dallas, Texas, USA

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