2 BrainstormProposal 1: DefineEdit

Establish the purpose "Create a system that brings them to you."

To create a network, focus your efforts on creating a duplicatable process that attracts people and filters them out of a population and brings them to you.

Create things to which people can be invited, and can also invite themselves, e.g., events, blogs, groups, etc. These things to which people are invited must educate them about the cause (in an effective and accurate manner) and the steps to become an active participant in the network.

Those who join the network through this duplicatable conversion process will in turn become network builders also.

3. RefineProposal 1: RefineEdit

I like what you're saying here. Do you feel like DYC has the "system" to create a network? If not, what are the components of the system that DYC is lacking?

4. FinalizeFinalizationEdit

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