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Contribute financiallyDYC HeadquartersDYCause
DYCausopediaDesign logos and other graphicsDesign the concept of DYC
Design the website mock-upDiscoverYourCause WikiDiscovery Center: Any ideas for DYC Commissions?
Discovery Center: Are there any copyright issues we should be concerned about?Discovery Center: Should media be subject to content restrictions?Discovery Center: What are the fundamental areas of the Discovery Center?
Encyclopedia: How can we leverage what is already on Wikipedia?Encyclopedia: How can we make sure the encyclopedia is easy to browse?Encyclopedia: How should the encyclopedia be structured?
Encyclopedia: What content should be in the encyclopedia?FP1: There is no such thing as a lost causeFP2: We believe that crowds are wise.
FP3: Our solution must be focused and simple.FP4: We seek to enable and improve existing organizations.FP5: DYC = Evolution
Gadget: Hot Topics in the NewsGeneral Feedback and SuggestionsHeadquarters: How are the people in a cause organized? Is someone in charge?
Headquarters: Is there anything that shouldn't go in the headquarters? What isn't the headquarters?Headquarters: What do people DO at the Headquarters?Homepage
Mirror CauseMock Up: How should the pages relate to each other?Mock Up: If people are customizing their cause headquarters, how do we ensure it's simple and navigable?
Mock Up: Tell me about naming conventions!Mock Up: What are the core pages for our website?Movement: What are our biggest hurdles?
Network: How to create a networkNetwork: How would this compare to other online networks (e.g., Facebook)?Network: Should networks be centered around causes, local DYC chapters, or something else?
Network: What are ways to promote a solid offline network?Our CauseOur Founders
Outstanding: How can we learn more about the wikipedia model? What are the key issues with a setup like that?Outstanding: What are the best ways to research a) networking theories, b) current status of humanitarian aid/charity world, c) anything else that needs to be researched?Personal Headquarters
Pillar Think TankProgramming BasicsProvide legal support
Rules of EngagementSteps to ContributingSticky Note Board
Test: How extensive should this test be?Test: What questions should be on the test?Think Tank: How do you resolve conflicts of opinion?
Think Tank: How should we structure the think tank?Ways to ContributeWebsite: How do we make the website scalable?
Website: How do you create and open source website?Website: What are the hardware resources we'll need?Website Headquarters
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