2 BrainstormProposal 1: DefineEdit

Creating a Project Marketplace
Organizations can post projects where they need help. The organization would create a proposal outlining the number of people they need, the time frame they need to do it, and the funding available/needed to complete the project, etc.

Project managers can then pull together teams of cause participants to complete the project. All participants would have already created a profile of their skills, location, and availability when they signed on to DYC. Project managers would simply tap the database of profiles to find team members that meet the needs of the project. (Users should be able to volunteer for projects, as well. We don't want people to wait to be picked to have to participate!).

Also, people or organizations that are looking for places to send their money can fund a specific project. Not only will they be able to identify a cause they want to support, but they can know exactly what their money is going to do.

A few examples of projects where this would work:

  • Hosting, advertising fund-raising events
  • Creating a web page
  • Helping to scale up a small organization
  • Installing new IT equipment in a school

The beauty of this concept comes in the fact that DYC (or its users) doesn't need to dream up projects. And the projects will be legitimate because they will come from the organizations themselves.

3. RefineProposal 1: RefineEdit

  • Note: I have to give credit for this idea to my friend Paul W. I hope he finds his way here because he's been thinking on this for a while and has some great insights! -- Al mackay 18:19, 11 December 2008 (UTC)
  • The YourEncore website has a similar process for matching scientific experts with consulting projects. The one major difference is that these aren't necessarily team-based initiatives. (And the participants get paid, but that's obviously not what we're going for here). Here's a link describing their process:

4. FinalizeFinalizationEdit

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