2 BrainstormProposal 1: DefineEdit

The first question is, is it going to be a top-down or a bottom up organization? If you want to leverage the "wisdom of crowds" concept, you need to have it be a bottom-up organization. So, in my mind, the question is, how do you organize a bottom-up organization? Step one, read the book "The Starfish and the Spider."

In my experience, the way you create a bottom up organization is to gather people who have a common thread, and connect them. The important component is the "common thread." This is the organization's "banner." It needs to define what the organization is. It is the chief aim of the organization. Everyone in the organization is bound together by this common aim, and the grassroots element pushes them towards it through whatever connectedness or collaboration tools exist.

Once you define the common thread, the best way to grow the organization is to attract people who already have that common thread within them. You must simply make them aware of the organization and invite them to join the organization. From this point, the revolution occurs.

In short, the way to organize people into a leaderless cause (bottom-up), is to raise a banner for the world to see, and start moving.

3. RefineProposal 1: RefineEdit

I think this is great! Do we agree that the cause people sign into will be the "common thread" to unite them? Do you think that's all it takes? Can people identify their own tasks within the headquarters, or should we create (non-hierarchical) roles to give people an idea of how to contribute? -- Al mackay 16:04, 22 December 2008 (UTC)

I think that one of the great things about DYC is that it lets people contribute how they see fit. That being said, I think that there are people who will find/define their own roles and others that will want direction. So, theoretically, both types of people should be able to contribute. Some by doing what they see fit and others by seeing what needs to be done (at the suggestion of others), and following that guidance... I think it's important that both opportunities are present (I hope this makes sense!)

4. FinalizeFinalizationEdit

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