Map Edit

A map (e.g., North America) that graphically displays aspects of social capital. Color would indicate higher levels of concentration (e.g., red means tons of social capital).

Uses of the map

  • Finding your local chapter
  • Finding what causes are strong in your area: users will be able to zoom in on the map to see what causes are the strongest in the users' area.
  • Help us to identify and help struggling areas: We can apply the learnings from the areas that are thriving to the areas that are struggling.
  • Help members find other members: members may choose to move to an area that is strong in their cause (similar to how LDS people often choose locations that are strong in the LDS cause).
  • Several metrics will be used to measure social capital (metrics will be weighted by their importance in determining the final score)
Number of Discover Your Cause members
Participation in offline events (measured by RSVP's on the calendar)
Size of online network (how do you measure the size of the network?) You track the number of IP addresses. Not a perfect metric, but it'll do.
Activity in forums

The map will have filtering capability:

  • Filter for a cause
  • Filter to show concentration of DYC members
  • Filter to show social capital density
  • Offline social capital
  • Online social capital
  • Hybrid (based on our fancy algorithm)

Have you ever seen the browsing part of search engines that shows the most frequently visited topics? It's usually just a big space full of words, and the size of the words shows how prominent the searches are. (I think Thomson has something like this with their research information.) That would be a way to measure issues, not people, but I like the concept of both!

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