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"A Day in the Life" Series

I think one of the biggest barriers to reaching out is a lack of empathy. It doesn't come because people are cold hearted. It comes because they can't imagine what someone else is experiencing. They (we) don't know what it's like to go all day without food or to be afraid of an abusive relationship, etc.

It would be interesting to have causes contribute to a series that puts the reader in the shoes of the causes' consituencies. For example, what is "A day in the life of a refugee" like? Maybe we could see a before and after version.

This could extend to inanimate objects, too. Imagine "A day in the life of a landfill" or "A day in the life of a dilapidated park".

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You could also take a ubiquitous object and tell its story from multiple points of view. For example, a cell phone could tell a lot of stories - from visits with grandparents to calls for help. A few ideas of objects for stories:

  • Cell Phones
  • Keys
  • Shoes (I like this - walking a mile in someone's shoes)
  • A dollar bill

-- Al mackay 01:04, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

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Photo Contests

  • Finding your cause in your back yard
  • Discover the Children - capture how your cause impacts children
  • Capturing Progress - Before and after pictures that has come from involvement in the cause

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