DiscoverYourCause has three stages of development:

  • DYC concept development
  • Website mock-up development
  • Website development

DiscoverYourCause is a living organization, so none of these phases will ever be completed. Even once DiscoverYourCause is up and running you'll still be able to help shape the overall concept, the website mock-up or the actual website. In this way, DiscoverYourCause will always be poised to respond quickly to a rapidly changing world. This means that you can contribute to any stage at any time. Start contributing wherever you can right now!


Here's how you can get involved in the DYC concept development:

  • Contribute to the five DYC pillars.
  • Suggest new pillars: If you feel like we're headed in the wrong direction or missing something important click here to join the pillar discussion.

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