Need some inspiration? Check out one of these books or websites. Please add to the list, but don't forget to sign your recommendations using four tildas (~~~~) in case someone wants to contact you about your recommendation.



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Specifically, see the "Volunteer Matching Sites". A number of these look way cool. But I'm even more motivated after seeing this! None of the sites help people find their causes - they find volunteer opportunities. I think this can help us narrow our scope significantly. SO much food for thought from these websites! .... This might be a crazy thought, but if we put together a stellar business plan, we could try approaching the Gates Foundation with funding it. More specifically, see if they would basically start a DYC department that would replace their current site.

Vetting OrganizationsEdit

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Other WebsitesEdit

  • - Robert Putnam's email address -- Chris.crittenden 15:43, 29 November 2008 (UTC)

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