Welcome to the design center for the real This is where we turn the DYC Pillars into a website design using linked wiki pages. From here, the website design will be turned into an actual website by those working on the website project. But before you get on your way, let's hit a few details:

  • Before you get started, be sure that you are familiar with our Collaboration Process.
  • You might wonder at some of the terminology we're using. Here's a brief guide:
  • Core Pages: We want to keep things really simple, so we've constructed the mock-up with basic pages that stick to our fundamentals. If you have an opinion about something that is central to the website, then make sure to let us know in the Mock-Up Think Tank.
  • Gadgets: These are the concepts that might make the website really cool, but they're not crucial to its operation or navigation. We collect those in a different place to distinguish our 'must haves' from our 'don't you wish-es'.
  • Swatches: Imagine a design board for the website, full of sketches, graphics, pictures, etc. The design board might show a tiny portion of our inspiration. These tidbits are what we call 'swatches'.

That's it. Have at it!

5. IncorporateSee The Mock-UpEdit

Enter our imaginary world of the DYC website by clicking here. Each core page describes its counterpart on the real website. You'll see how the pages are related and how information flows through the website. If you're wanting to see a high-level view of the website, go here for a diagram.

Decide The Make Up: Enter the Mock-Up Think Tank Edit

Steps 1-4 Not satisfied with the Mock-Up? Enter our Mock-Up Think Tank to help shape the Mock-Up.

Plan The Mash Up: Gadgets and Swatches Edit

In the book Wikinomics, the authors discuss the concept of "mashing" the building blocks of different websites together. We want to use the concepts and tools that are already out there, so we've created a collection of inspiration and ideas. This is the place to sketch out a gadget or post a swatch.


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