Welcome to the design center for the Movement.

Before you get started, be sure that you are familiar with our Collaboration Process.

5. Incorporate The Movement Edit

What do we need to start a movement

  1. Organize DYC as 501(c)(3)
  2. Flesh out the details of the encyclopedia
  3. Build a basic website
    • communicate vision
      • open source solutions to the world’s toughest challenges
      • making people alive through causes
      • social capital
    • Explain how to get involved
      • Founder wiki
      • Encyclopedia
        • Add your cause
        • Recruit other causes
      • Spread the word
      • Donate
    • platform for involvement
      • encyclopedia
      • founder wiki
      • calendar
      • group (Facebook, other options?)
      • blog
      • events?
  4. Bring people to the website
    • facebook
    • word of mouth
    • email
    • bracelets, t-shirts?

Movement Think Tank Edit

Steps 1-4 Not satisfied with the Movement? Enter our Movement Think Tank to help shape the Movement.


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