Contribute your thoughts to a question already listed, or add a question for people to start thinking about. Just remember that our Founding Principle 3 is really important here. Let's keep things really simple and navigable. If something seems confusing, then that's a good sign that it can still improve!

Before you get started, learn our Collaboration Process

1 QuestionQuestions Edit

To add a question,

  • In the Title box enter your question following this format: Mock Up: Your_question_here
  • In the Text box enter: {{subst:template:Question}}
  • In the Categories box enter: Mock Up Think Tank, Outstanding Questions

Other Key Information Edit

  • Programming Basics - Click here for information about those techy logistics of operating a website.
  • Develop Our Cause - We want to nail down our cause in order to help people discover theirs. Come this way to brainstorm.
  • Rules of Engagement - We've put together some basic rules to help in the creation process of DYC. But the actual community will require a whole new level of thought in the way people should interact. Click here to brainstorm on these types of issues.

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