5. Incorporate The Encyclopedia Edit

Ignorance is one of the greatest hurdles to getting people involved. If they don’t know what the problem is, then it’s no wonder they’re not helping to fix it.

The encyclopedia is designed to promote awareness of causes and opportunities to make a difference. Rather than simply representing a third party research report, the encyclopedia will act as a dynamic collection of causes written from the front lines. We hope to elicit contributions from the very people who are already passionate about their causes by creating an open-source encyclopedia that anyone can edit. And by allowing the content to continue to evolve, the encyclopedia will incorporate current issues and facts to help meet the ever-changing needs of the world around us.

But the encyclopedia wouldn’t simply tell the stories of each cause. In the end, each cause article is an invitation to participate. The cause entry helps people understand what the problem is, what is going on to solve it, and how they can join in the cause. In particular, it would show the reader who is actively participating in the solutions. So for each “cause” entry in the encyclopedia, we imagine a list of organizations that are involved in this cause. Organizations can create a profile entry describing its mission and problem solving efforts. The reader could then join that cause and either join or partner with the organizations participating in his or her cause.

Encyclopedia Think Tank Edit

Steps 1-4 Not satisfied with the Encyclopedia? Enter our Encyclopedia Think Tank to help shape the Encyclopedia.


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