Why DYC?Edit

Because everyone needs a cause

"A man who has never lost himself in a cause bigger than himself has missed one of life’s mountaintop experiences. Only in losing himself does he find himself. Only then does he discover all the latent strengths he never knew he had and which otherwise would have remained dormant." - Richard Nixon

Some people know their cause but don't know how to lose themselves in it. Others want to find their cause but don't know how.

DYC will help people discover and connect with their cause.

Because causes need collaboration

In the United States alone there are more than one million nonprofit organizations. While some of these one million are surely collaborating with others, imagine the impact if they all were. Would we have a cure for cancer if the two thousand cancer nonprofits collaborated? Could your cause accomplish its objective if all the like-minded organizations fought together for it?

We believe that the world's challenges can be solved. But it won't happen through a single person (no matter how important) or through a single organization (no matter how big). It will happen only when the two thousand collaborate as one.

DYC will provide a platform for this collaboration.

Because society needs people who collaborate

When was the last time you had friends over to your home, ate a family dinner, or attended a club meeting? Compared to 25 years ago, Americans invite friends over 35% less, eat dinner with their family 43% less and attend club meetings 58% less. In fact, a multitude of statistics shows that the connective tissue of America is deteriorating rapidly. This connective tissue, called social capital, is vital to healthy communities and nations - areas high in social capital have lower crime, better education, healthier residents and more (Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam).

What is the cure for our connective tissue? Front porches and a return to the days before TV? No. According to Dr. Robert Putnam, a noted political scientist, the common cause of World War II was the source of much of the social capital that existed 25 years ago (Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam). What will be the cause of the next 25 years? the next century? the next millenium? We believe it won't be one cause but everyone collectively discovering their cause.

DYC will build social capital by helping people unite behind a shared cause.

What is DYC?Edit

We've invited you here to answer this very question. So far, we believe that DYC should be an online community comprised of the following pillars:

  • encyclopedia: an online encyclopedia of all causes with all of their associated organizations
  • test: a test for helping people sort through the encyclopedia to discover and join their cause
  • network: a network to unite cause-oriented people and organizations
  • think tank: an open source think tank for each cause dedicated to finding a solution
  • headquarters: a headquarters for organizing a cause's efforts locally and globally

comment: I don't understand what you mean by "test." Would it be similar to a career test that would help you identify what types of causes you are interested in?

Why does DYC need you?Edit

We believe that a group of diverse, independent, and motivated individuals is smarter than any one person. (That’s actually one of DYC’s Founding Principles. Click here to learn more.) And since the world deserves the best solution we can give, we’re turning to you to help us out.

We want you to help build DYC from the ground up. You always said that you wanted to start a non-profit someday. Well, here's your chance! Whether you plan on jumping in and make big changes, or you'll be an observer that checks for dotted T's and crossed I's, we want you on board. (And yes, we know you saw it. You're smiling right now at dotted T's. See, you're already half way to greatness. We just know it!) To get on your way, click here to become a founder of DiscoverYourCause. Then go to the DYC Headquarters to start contributing.

Welcome to, where your cause is ours. We can’t wait for you to discover it too!


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