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Hot Topics in the News Edit

Is there a way to take the news and translate it into causes? For example, if the top-viewed stories had to do with a hurricane, a school shooting, or an impending policy change, it would be interesting to try to send people to those causes. (But sadly, sometimes the news isn’t a good indication of what should matter. For example, the political turmoil and genocide in Africa was downplayed big time because it happened the same time as the Clinton impeachment.)

Alternatively, people could flag articles that are related to their causes. At the headquarters, there could be a news channel dedicated to news feeds tagged by people in its network. Highly tagged (or highly rated?) news items could then be promoted to a general news feed. That way, the people who are motivated by their causes would be the ones highlighting the news (rather than the media agencies).

Website components may already exist Edit

Wikinomics discusses the concept of “mashing” websites – taking components of other websites and creating something new. Are there components of websites out there that we could mash? What websites provide the API’s (the site building blocks) so that they are easily mashed?

User Profiles Edit

A registered collaborator’s results from the DYC test should be stored in their personal profile. The collaborator can then receive recommendations based on the profile as new causes or organizations are added. The profile can also act as a filtering mechanism. When browsing a list of organizations, if a collaborator can hit a button that says “order these based on my profile”, it helps the collaborator filter information and navigate the website.

Dynamic Collaboration Station Edit

The real DYC website needs a Collaboration Station! This new center would contain tools collaborators can use to customize their cause headquarters. (Think of the gadgets you can add to a blog. They’re pre-made tools or templates that are available to users.) But here’s the cool part – we need to allow users to add tools. For example, if somebody figures out how to make a cool calendar, have them post it on the Collaboration Station. This allows the tools to update (and gives collaborators more options in customizing their headquarters.)

Maybe some of the same tools could be used to customize user’s own profile pages. Some people might want a news feed, others might not. The Collaboration Station could service both!

"A Day in the Life" Series Edit

I think one of the biggest barriers to reaching out is a lack of empathy. It doesn't come because people are cold hearted. It comes because they can't imagine what someone else is experiencing. They (we) don't know what it's like to go all day without food or to be afraid of an abusive relationship, etc.

It would be interesting to have causes contribute to a series that puts the reader in the shoes of the causes' consituencies. For example, what is "A day in the life of a refugee" like? Maybe we could see a before and after version.

This could extend to inanimate objects, too. Imagine "A day in the life of a landfill" or "A day in the life of a dilapidated park". -- Al mackay 14:36, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

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